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Ant Bites

May 18, 2015

 Sting No More Testimonial

From November 2014 through April 2015, I was working for Parsons at a field construction site located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.  The site is a golf course situated adjacent to a bay and next to the Honolulu International Airport.  While moving items such as boards, and while opening valve boxes and excavating trenches and drilling wells, myself and other coworkers were exposed to numerous red fire ants on a nearly daily basis.  The ants are very tiny, and cling strongly to one’s skin, and most often, bite.  Once bitten, the skin stings, then the next day, I would end up with large red welts that later would become infected, requiring more than a week to heal.  My coworker’s bites did not turn into red welts, and did not become infected, so I’m assuming that I’m more allergic to red fire ants than he is.

After the first few bites, I started using Dr. Angel Yanagihara’s Sting No More formula (mixed with hydrocortisone cream) on the bites.  The pain from the initial bite would be completely eliminated within 10 minutes, and after that, there was no sign of the bite.  No welts appeared the next day, and none of the bite locations became infected.  Using Sting No More made working in a fire ant environment tolerable, and I was no longer concerned with getting red fire ant bites!  Sting No More completely eliminates the body’s reaction to the fire ant toxins!

William Stohler

Senior Project Manager for Parsons (October 1998 - May 2015)

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Our amazing friend Angel Yanagihara had given me some of her product and we got a chance to use it a couple days ago when my niece's boyfriend's 12-year-old son was stung by a man o' war at Waimanalo Beach. He was in a lot of pain, so we rushed him back to my house (I didn't have it with me) and once we applied it the pain subsided immediately. She is an angel, and a brilliant one, for creating such a product.

C. Babbitt

Kaneohe Oahu

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