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Our mission is to develop research-based sting-relief preparations for public and professional use.


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Our research based product line provides rapid relief for stings of all classes of jellyfish including box jellies .

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Many Oahu dive shops and ABC Stores carry StingNoMore® products (list below).

Announcing NEW airless pump for Mil-Spec+ Cream in 10, 15 and 30 ml Sizes!  Increased cream shelf life in NEW non-messy, easy to dispense pumps .


Sting No More® Bonus Beach Set:

    1. 30 ml StingNoMore® Spray- To clean the site and inactivate stinging capsules     2. 10 ml StingNoMore® Cream pump- To speed relief to the sting site in a skin calming formulation  

Sting No More® Pro Set:

                  Sting No More® Spray

                  Sting No More® Cream pump

                  Reusable 45oC HotPack (heat lasts for 45 minutes)

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StingNoMore Sets

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Large Pro Kit  $52.50 ( SKU 19077503)

60 ml StingNoMore® Spray

30 ml StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream Airless Pump

A Reusable 45oC HotPack that maintains safe heat for 45 minutes

Pro Set Small $27.50 (SKU 19077508)

30 ml StingNoMore® Spray

10 ml StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream Airless Pump

Reusable 45oC HotPack (3” x 5.5” in Reusable 45oC 45 minute Hot Pack) 

10 mL StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream Airless Pump $16.50

(SKU19256344) StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream is a greaseless concentrated cream with Skin Calming Agents compounded in a patent-pending cream formulation containing urea and other ingredients including 2% Diphenhydramine and Vitamin D.

10 mL airless pump

StingNoMore® Beach Set $22.50 ( SKU19280315)

1. 30 mL StingNoMore® Spray

2. 10 mL StingNoMore® Mil Spec+ Cream Airless Pump

Life Guard Kit $42.50 ( SKU19257905)

8 U.S FL OZ ml StingNoMore® Spray

3-10 ml StingNoMore®MilSpec+ Cream airless pumps

30 ml StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream Airless Pump $30.50


Hanauma Bay Set $28.50 (SKU19329335)

60 ml StingNoMore® Spray

15 ml StingNoMore® MilSpec+ Cream Airless Pump

StingNoMore® Sprays (Various Sizes)

NEW! Now available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 U.S. Fl. Oz sizes. 

60 ml StingNoMore Spray

StingNoMore Spray is heat-stable and has a recommended expiration date after 5 years.

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Oahu customers can also purchase StingNoMore® products at Breeze's Dive Shop,

Hanauma Bay Gift Shop, and Aarons' Dive Shop in Kailua.

Also Select ABC Stores in Waikiki (if in stock)

ABC Store #12,  2522 Kalakaua Ave

ABC Store #14,  2456 Kalakaua Ave. 

ABC Store #25 Pacific Beach Hotel, 2490 Kalakaua Ave #103
ABC Store #66 Park Shore Hotel, 2586 Kalakaua Ave


1. Use StingNoMore® Spray to clean sting site and inactivate stinging cells, then 

2. Use Rapidly Absorbed StingNoMore® Cream for Sting Relief  

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Please note that Sting No More® Cream should be stored at room temperature or refrigerated until use. Unopened products in original condition may be returned within 2 months before or after the expiration date for new product replacement or full refund.

Sting No More® Spray is heat stable.

Alatalab Solutions™ specializes in venom research and the development of over-the-counter (OTC) preparations to provide relief from jellyfish stings and fire ant bites, as well as pharmaceutical preparations for professional divers and clinical applications used by health care professionals. At Alatalab SolutionsTM , state-of-the-art research tools are used to develop and test specific inhibitors of dangerous venom toxins and treatment approaches for envenomation sequelae.

Our novel, peer-reviewed (, patented formulas were initially developed for clinical and professional use. After years of research and testing, we are pleased to offer our products to consumers.

Sting No More® is an over-the-counter "cosmetic-category" relief cream. It is fully FDA and FTC compliant. All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for topical use in over the counter skin relief products by the FDA. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade in purity. No colorants, preservatives or fragrances are used.